I am an artist drawn to the idiosyncrasies and overlooked aspects of life, exploring the people and places that I encounter, then recording my findings invariably in a map form. My practice is process-based and my maps are the manifestation or celebration of a period of research, exploration or dialogue. The maps combine fact and fiction: real and fantastic geographies, personal and shared experiences, genuine encounters and uncovered myths.

I combine my studio practice with residencies and commissions – partnership and collaboration are key drivers. I seek opportunities for dialogue and ‘travel’ with other artists, curators and the public during projects, to inform and unlock my ideas. I have a lively personality, and I love giving talks about what I do and how I came to be doing it. My passion and creativity comes through in everything I do.

I returned to education as a mature student, graduating from Birmingham City University’s School of Art with an M.A. in Fine Art in 1996. Since then I have exhibited widely, with a substantial portfolio of organizations and clients. These include working with Kent Architecture Centre, Cambridgeshire County Council, Manchester Art Gallery and the Ikon Gallery Birmingham.

The ‘PROJECT’ section on this site gives a few examples of my practice, please contact me if you’d like to know more.

This is how author David Southwell describes my practice, “To me, your CV has always read: Real art that touches people, beautiful art and none of that poncey stuff that creates distance.”