Public Notices


Ditchling Museum, Ditchling, East Sussex. Spring 2008



This was a self-initiated residency, building on a project I had done there in 2005. I researched the Evan Gill Collection and St. Dominic’s Press. Through this I was introduced to the Museum’s Stanhope Hand Press, and became entranced with Letterpress printing. I produced a weekly series of ‘Public Notices’. The theme being whatever was happening that week – from letting people know that Shrove Tuesday was happening to celebrating things made by hand. These were my learning tools, each week I became more proficient.

All six of the ‘Public Notices’ were shown at the opening of the Museum’s latest exhibition ‘Art, Craft and the Village Life of Ditchling’.

Project links

Ditchling Museum, Ditchling, East Sussex

Wikipedia entry on artist Eric Gill

Eric Gill Society website – a resource for the work and history of Eric Gill and the Guild of St Joseph, founded in Ditchling, East Sussex.

Stanhope Press – Charles, Third Earl Stanhope (1753-1816) was dedicated to the advancement of science. He invented his press around 1800 (the earliest surviving example is from 1804).