A residency & exhibtion

Manchester Art Gallery. Autumn 2007



This was a commission from the gallery, working with Manchester City and United Football Clubs, the Professional Footballers Association and Manchester Evening News.

Prior to this exhibition all I knew of Manchester was that it had two football teams, I wanted to explore this world of football and find out about the footballers and the people who helped to keep them there, and what were their goals in life. At City I interviewed First Team player Giorgos, Gemma who worked at the retail shop and Nabil, a 15 year old Somali refugee who was part of the outreach programme. At United I spoke to Joseph the head groundsman, Romain the head chef, and Rio the First Team player.

I did drawings of the various goals throughout their lives and their future aspirations. Displayed underneath these were eight drawings of what I recorded on my journey through Manchester to interview them. We held a special preview for them to see the show with their families. I then invited visitors to write/draw their goals in books provided.

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