The pausing of words…..

So Open Studio is over for another year, and there comes with it a pause in the words between myself and David. This year Open Studio has been an absolute delight, lots of interesting visitors asking insightful and challenging questions. It also prompted the 50/50 project, a collaboration with David, which has been so stimulating and rewarding, big thank you to him.

I thought that I would hand over the last word to a visitors’ blog entry: ‘Words, pictures, therapy.’ written after seeing 50/50. Many thanks to Chris for sharing this.


Summer is finally here!

Photo me OS

Yep summer is finally here, and just in time for my Open Studio. I’m exhibition ’50/50′ & ‘Urban Fringe’ – lots of embossed words & maps. I’m open till 4pm on Sunday 14th July, do hope you can join me.


Open Studio


Well you need sustaining when visiting Open Studios! I’m opening my studio for the next two weeks, as part of Warwickshire Open Studio, and there is always plenty of tea/coffee and cake along with the art. This year I will be showing 50/50 Word of the Day, a collaboration with author David Southwell. Lots more to see, including my beautiful 1866 Albion Hand Press. Details can be found here:

No 38


David: On the canal you get used to a certain amount of randomness. Everyday a parade of things float by outside the window. Although certain things are perennial – coconuts, beer cans, plastic bags – there always remains a degree of randomness. However, today floating passed was flotsam in the legal sense of the word – the wreckage of a boat. A sad story reconstructing itself from bits of wood, rope and burnt clothing. A moving map of a sunken home along the way. I was overwhelmed with the loss and the sense of myself becoming flotsam in the coming weeks.

Jo: A few years ago I did a project on the Greenwich Peninsula, which necessitated me walking across it several times, recording evidence of water (I’m an artist!). The work finished with me spending 4 hours standing still by the side of the Thames recording what went past me every hour, either on the path, or as Flotsam. Two things stood out which might help your feeling of being flotsam. One was a lifebelt drifting slowly by as if in search of a body to be rescued, the other was the interest and help I received from strangers passing by me.



David: Of all the landscape I am losing with our tumble into homelessness, one of the landmarks I will miss most is the bridge. The Iron Horse Bridge, the blue bridge, our bridge. It is where I proposed to Mrs. S., where I always stop – either going out of coming back -and think: HOME. It is one of those bits of the external world that I have let become a landmark on my inner personal landscape. I feel like losing it from my local map I am losing a part of myself. Losing a bridge to a sense of security, a bridge that always carried me back to happy, sustaining memories.

Jo: I have never physically been in the ….. (just don’t know what adjective to put here) circumstances that you are in at present. However, the concept of home is something that I have long struggled with. Never really feeling settled in any one particular place, always longing for somewhere else. We have lived in our present abode for 20 odd years, and yet it is only relatively recently that I have considered it home, or should I say, one of my homes. I gradually realized that I needed more than one home, and that these places might come and go. Once I had accepted that of myself, I settled, could it be that I have just accepted myself?