Today was the turn to repatriate this little beauty back to the land, a beer costerel.


And here it is in a field in Offchurch. This field looks just as it did when painted by Thomas Baker in 1864 ‘Haymaking near Offchurch’.     In this wonderful setting John, Chairman of the Heart of England branch of CAMRA, gave us a fascinating talk about the history of beer.


Our tour then walked to the other side of the village to bring beer making right up to date, to visit the micro brewery of Long Itch.


This provided the perfect ending to the ‘Back to the Land’ project. I now relinquish my title of ‘The Temporary Keeper for the Repatriation of Rural Artefacts’. My sincere thanks to the Arts Council for funding this project, Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum for commissioning me, the speakers who have generously given up their time, and finally, the wonderful participants without whom it couldn’t have happened. Here is one going home very happy!