Odibourne Allotments, Kenilworth


This was a special repatriation tour for me, full of childhood memories. When I was sent a list of possible artefacts to work with from Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum, the words ‘bean dibber’ jumped out at me. I fondly remember working with my dad on his allotment with a short piece of rounded wood, used to make a hole that I then dropped a seed into. But when the object was brought out of storage, it was a completely different kettle of fish. This was heavy, sculptural, it meant business!

We were given a wonderful tour of the Odibourne Allotments by Chairman Mike Hitchins, being shown the thriving community here – here an example of a scarecrow submitted for their competition.


The tour covered social, cultural, ecological and historical aspects. Here the Mike is showing us where, long ago, the mill was situated.