David: Of all the landscape I am losing with our tumble into homelessness, one of the landmarks I will miss most is the bridge. The Iron Horse Bridge, the blue bridge, our bridge. It is where I proposed to Mrs. S., where I always stop – either going out of coming back -and think: HOME. It is one of those bits of the external world that I have let become a landmark on my inner personal landscape. I feel like losing it from my local map I am losing a part of myself. Losing a bridge to a sense of security, a bridge that always carried me back to happy, sustaining memories.

Jo: I have never physically been in the ….. (just don’t know what adjective to put here) circumstances that you are in at present. However, the concept of home is something that I have long struggled with. Never really feeling settled in any one particular place, always longing for somewhere else. We have lived in our present abode for 20 odd years, and yet it is only relatively recently that I have considered it home, or should I say, one of my homes. I gradually realized that I needed more than one home, and that these places might come and go. Once I had accepted that of myself, I settled, could it be that I have just accepted myself?