David: Today my train was delayed. We were halted by a red signal, the blur of the landscape in the movie playing in the window frozen to a single frame. Suddenly the movie began again, but this time as a dance. Beyond the window was a cloud of floating seeds. Hundreds of little white tufts in a complicated dance through the air. Rising and falling on currents, all the invisible collisions they suffered transformed into a beautiful ballet of movement. For a few minutes, my whole world became that dance. Sometimes my focus on the flight of one floating seed, sometimes I was lost trying to take in the choreography of the whole flock. Is this how we look to others given enough distance? Our lives a dance. All our knocks and collisions invisible, leaving it to look as if we following the steps of some grand dance.

Jo: It does make you question the minutiae of everyday life, its ups and downs, and perhaps thinking of life as a dance, seen from a distance, is an opportunity to step back and look at the bigger picture. Here we are, the two of us, never having meet, but having this intimate discussion, our activity just a tiny part of our lives, let alone anyone else’s.  And yet, just as those seeds were being scattered in the wind to create that dance, I’d like to think that the words that we are sending back and forth and fertilizing further our lives. Anyway, I love dancing.