David: My legs are not working too well at the moment which is incredibly frustrating. A friend today invited me to accompany him on a bit of an explore and when I said I did not think I was physically up to a trip across town he said: “Don’t worry, I will get us a growler.” I have never heard a taxi called a growler before, but I knew exactly what he meant. As he said it, I could feel the growl and rumble of the exhaust, imagine the black cabs of London as growlers –  a breed of aggressive beasts prowling the streets. There are times when a word is so perfect, it magically translates itself inside your head without you ever having had to learn what it means. I adore words like that.

Jo: I don’t think I have ever thought about words so much as I have having this conversation with you! I’m a visual artist, imagery and colour is what does it for me. Though having said that, typography is a big part of my practice, I love the form of letters, both in drawing mine own or using the wooden type on the press. That’s when I adore words, seeing their form. So, there is something rather beautiful in the symbiotic relationship we have with words – yours in the sound, and me in the visual.