David: Maps inspire me. They make me think, they tell me stories. Sometimes the bits of the map that interest me most are the edgelands, the bit where they run out of steam. I love the power of borders, the places of transition. I have been thinking about how much power liminal space has, how the liminal gives us so much permission to imagine, to project wonders. The liminal spaces let us make our own transitions in thinking and perceiving. The blurry borders, the maps of thresholds, the maps of the liminal – these are exciting, magic artefacts. Today I have been looking at one and letting it give me permission to imagine the incredible.

Jo: Oh dear, this is almost too much for me…maps, liminal spaces, borders..finding it difficult to concentrate…these are all things I adore. A couple of years ago the British Library had an exhibition on maps, I was so looking forward to going, planned to spend all day there if necessary – you know what? I walked in, stayed five minutes and then had to walk out. I just couldn’t cope with it all! So, let’s just say ditto to your writing. One day I hope to show you an old map of Australia I have, on which the central area is blank, and there is the dotted line of the route of a traveler into this blank space. Where the line stops it just says ‘Limit of exploration’. Love it. Bit like the here and now in life – ‘the limit of my exploration’.