David: Today, sun was running along the canal. The passing of boats outside my window not grudging as they wheezed through the rain, but graceful and made with smiles. The boats carry people’s dreams with their painted names – Bed of Roses, Slice of Cake, Hidden Gem – and often their lives on the roof. Today I’ve seen bikes, logs, gardens, children’s toys and smokers all resting on boat roofs as they pass. Best of all, two gorgeous dogs were running along the roof of Arthur’s Throne as it passed. Kings of their territory, barking at the geese, racing up and down the roof and full of the joys of a happy boat dog. No boater takes the roof for granted, space is so limited that it doesn’t just cover you, it becomes a part of the home you use. At a time when we are worried about the roof over our heads, where we will go when we have to leave here, roof seems be such an important word. It covers so many ideas, so many concepts.

Jo: Here, today, it is raining, that soft, steady, vertical rain that is encouraging my already overgrown garden to grow more; and, yes, it makes me grateful that I do have a roof over my head. I can sit here and look down the garden, secure in the knowledge, that for today at least I have a roof over my head. Serendipitously I have just paid our house insurance….um, I’m not convinced by these things, but Mr R is a bit of a stickler on these matters. In fact, this 1920’s property has three roofs, and they are covered in the most beautiful, ornate tiles, which are a gorgeous russet colour; they are quite large and heavy. When I look up into the loft all there is between me and the sky are these tiles, whilst it doesn’t make for keeping the home warm, I like seeing the underside of the tiles, I like it making me feel slightly vulnerable. A roof is only a thin protective layer, we should be aware of the elements out there.