David: I need a lull, a period of quiet for a day or two before I start the next adventure. I know from the weariness that I need one, the healing respite of a bit of inactivity. Yet as soon as I say it, I dislike the word. Negative connotations orbit around it at furious speed. The economic lull, the lull meaning I have no work, the quiet before the inevitable storm, suddenly a lull is not about breath before more adventures, it is about preparing for the dark sky and flood. Words are so powerful they have to be chosen carefully for often we do not possess them, they possess us with their meaning.

Jo: Mmm, the lull before the storm, lulling one into a false sense of security, it has something of the Machiavellian about it. You know that something to going to happen after that period of quiet, and that something might not very pleasant. However, being a positive person, I can also see the word in a different light. I try to have a 15-minute lull every morning, if I say mediate some people immediately feel uneasy. But really, all it is is sitting still and letting my mind lull. I need that time to be able to face that storm that called the day.