David: I have been thinking about things that obscure vision. The things that cloud us from seeing clearly – ourselves, situations and even places. How our familiarity can start to cloud the lens, to form a cataract that stops us seeing a place with the wonder and awe we first did. We fight against our loss of eyesight, but do we do enough to fight against all those other form of cataract that build up and stop us seeing? Thinking about that I also thought about the geographic use of the word – the waterfall – and how both words were linked the cloud of mist that a really huge waterfall throws up, the obscuring by clouding.

Jo: My dad had cataracts, he had them successfully removed. I remember that it was probably the first time that I realized that he was getting old, that he wasn’t going to be there for ever. It’s only with his passing, a few years ago now, that I feel that I can see him clearly. I think that when he was alive my understanding of him was clouded by lots of different things. But now, not a day goes by when I don’t think of him, and see him clearly. He is very close to this project. He worked in a printing factory. Not long ago I found my birth certificate and was shocked to read under father’s occupation ‘Letterpress printer’ – just what I am for this. A clear line running through.