David: Sometimes as a writer, the day involves hunting in the ramshackle corridors of your mind for a word you have misplaced or even a word you think ought to exist to describe what you are thinking and yet you don’t seem to have in your collection. With the dyslexia and damage done by the strokes, my mind is often even more chaotic than my desk. I find myself rummaging through piles of the past to try and find the word I want to use. Throwing up clouds of memory dust and reordering whole piles of half-formed sentences I’ve stored away as I search for what I actually mean to say. I’ve been doing a lot of rummaging today.

Jo: Ah, now this is a good one, cause I have the complete opposite going on here. We have reached the stage where the lads have left home, but have decided to stay in the same property. We’ve been here 20 odd years and it has become a bit neglected, so have ended up having some renovation done. This has entailed the contents of cupboards, ney, rooms being emptied. I don’t suppose you have this problem on a narrow boat, but, where did all this STUFF come from? So, I have become Mrs Clearout, so I too ‘find myself rummaging through piles of the past’, and the vast majority has gone. I will rummage no more!