David: When I am avoiding work, I am often drawn into watching the wakes of the geese or of the boats as they move along the canal. The recirculating flow of water is mesmerising. A map of a path that only lasts for a moment before fading away. Energy turned into disturbance, into map. For the last few days, I have been thinking about your idea of ashes scattered into water, of leaving your mark. I have been thinking of us all leaving wakes as we travel through life, move through time. The shockwaves we send out as we make our way forward, leaving either beautiful pattern or disruption, the way those waves interact with everything else we leave behind. In our wake, the story of our life.

Jo: What you have written is so profound, and beautiful, that I wonder whether to leave my words here….but…I feel I must respond. Being nearer the end of my life than the beginning, it’s just a fact, I’m not being morbid. It does bring into sharp focus what am I doing with each day of my life – what sort of wake am I leaving behind? I’m a great believer in goal setting, knowing where I want to head to. So, when something comes along, like working with you, I look at it and ask “Is this path going to take me towards my goal?” I like the thought that as I’m travelling along, I’m leaving this very gentle ripple of water behind. In our case, words across the ether. I love the fact that they are ‘leaving a beautiful pattern’.