David: It struck me today, so much of what I do as a writer, what you as an artist is about trying to manifest the invisible. We are translating things that only we as individuals see, things that only we think of. All these things that are quite invisible until we clothe them with words, with pencil marks, with dents in paper. We are trying to manifest our interior, our imagination into something we can share. Manifest sounds like a word drawn from the dictionary of magic and that is possibly why it seems like a such a good word for part of what we strive to do in our work.

Jo: I agree with you. I love being an artist, now I do, but I didn’t used to. I had about 18 years of what I call walking through fog, quite challenging. Then I went to Art College, and whilst the fog had cleared, I was just too intense – I wanted ‘it’ too much. ‘It’ being the manifestation of my creativity. Slowly I realized that all I needed to do was to trust my intuition, which I equate to your word magic, and there ‘it’ was, ‘it ‘ had manifest itself.