David: The rain is falling on the canal as I write. Turning the water into a lunar landscape of a thousand temporary craters. As you try to watch them they disappear and are replaced by another. A hypnotic fluid map. Impact mapped by the ripples, the dent in the centre, the map constantly changing. It make me think about the impacts on our lives, the craters they create, the changes to the map of our lives that don’t always disappear quite as quickly as the craters canalside do.

Jo: I seem to have had rather a lot of craters lately that haven’t disappeared as quickly as your canalside ones. I know that we meant to ‘just let it go’, but I find that very difficult; I ponder and mull and dissect things – consequently making the crater bigger. I vividly remember years ago going to the crater of Vesuvius, quite awe inspiring. Thirty odd years later, I can visualize the path to it, being taken to the edge by a guide and shown where the hot gas was still escaping. Perhaps a metaphor for the path of our lives and the creativity that is trying to escape.