David: I went to the unveiling of the plaque for Doctor John Dee at Mortlake. The wording on the plaque is terrible. No mention of him as a magus, no mention of him as the first 007. Worst of all, the most amazing cartographer in English history is called simply a geographer. No hint of his famous monas hieroglyphica. They are marking him without him being able to make his mark. The version of history allowed on a church wall, not the important bits. I felt quite annoyed by it, I wanted to put something onto the plaque – my own glyph – to somehow change the meaning of what had been written.

Jo: So, a glyph is a sculptured mark. I can feel just how annoyed you are over his plaque, and sympathize. So, perhaps we should dedicate No 5 to him, we are marking him with our marks. I love how stonemasons back in the day left their mark, hidden away, but there. Gravestones, that’s about leaving a mark isn’t? I love graveyards and reading the inscriptions carved in stone. I’ve been getting my affairs in order, not that I’m thinking of passing over soon, but I want to have things organized. I want my ashes scattered in the River Waveney, does it matter that there would be no gravestone, no plaque……I don’t think so. I hope to make my mark in other ways.