David: The word for today then is GATHERING. Outside my window, dozens and dozens of boats are gathering, coincidentally, the boat asthmatically chugging along outside at this moment is from Saltisford in your neck of the woods. It feels as if all of England is coming to visit to create a temporary village spinning around its own floating fete. It feels as if all these points on the map displayed by the boats – Oxford, Warwick, Wiltshire – are all gathering in this tight space around me. As if I being visited by the map itself as all these places floating and chugging passed. The gathering feels very primal, very much an act of May.

Jo: Immediately I read this I could picture the scene. I know the area you are talking about, and have had a couple of holidays on narrow boats, plus a very special residency with two other artists a couple of years ago. So, I was with you. But, immediately I didn’t want to be! I could feel it being rather claustrophobic. I love the fact that you are one end of the Grand Union and I’m equal distance – 5 miles – from the Coventry arm and the Grand Union at Warwick. In fact when I come to London, which is quite frequent cause it’s my spiritual home, I leave from Warwick Parkway station which is next to the Grand Union. I recall that a few years ago I had a plan to cycle all the way …..